Interactive Equine Workshops in Bristol, WI

Introducing the newest addition to our equine programs, Interactive Equine Workshops.

Our equine workshops are designed for the first time horse enthusiast as well as the experienced horse owner. First Class Horse Complex workshops can range from lecture based presentations to interactive sessions with horses.  Workshops are an informational step up from a lesson but not as concentrated as a clinic.

  • Our workshops are an explanation of horses and riders on a microscopic level.  
  • Each Workshop will thoroughly examine best practices of the horse industry in a two hour program.  
  • Each Workshop will focus on one equine subject.  

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers during the Workshop.  Workshops will motivate attendees to be better horsemen and women.  Also learning is facilitated by a group involvement.  A world class horse farm is an excellent location to be taught exceptional equestrian skills.  All Workshops are presented in a confidence building environment.  Education is the key to success in the horse industry. 

Owning your own horse is not a requirement to participate in a Equine Workshop at FCHC.

Examples of our Equine Workshops INCLUDE:

1) Applied First Aid: The emphasis in this workshop is on the care of a horse after an injury or illness. Highlights of this workshop include wrapping legs, soaking hooves and making your own hoof boot. 

2) Baby Rider and Me: Designed for 3-5 year old riders.  An interactive opportunity for parents and grandparents to spend time with their young riders and learn about horses.

3) Developing the Rider: This workshop was developed to help a rider of any level grow their skills. Rider position, lateral work, collection and impulsion will be the focus of this workshop.

4) Horse and Rider Relaxation Techniques: A variety of non-pharmaceutical techniques used to relax both the horse and rider will be discussed and practiced during this workshop. A discussion on the use of Essential Oils is the highlight of this workshop.

5) In Hand Trail:  The focus of this workshop is to build your horsemanship skills.  Riders will develop a partnership with the horse built on leadership and trust while maneuvering though a variety of obstacles.

6) Intensified Groundwork: An excellent workshop intended to strengthen the bond between horse and rider this is done through establishing a strong leadership role for the rider. Among other things, riders will study lateral work and yield to aids.

7) Interactive Rider: A workshop designed for the new or inexperienced rider.  Learn the basics from the ground up.  Learn horse psychology, grooming, saddling, bridling and the skills to ride safely.

8) Lateral Work: Acquire skills necessary to help the horse develop better balance and suppleness.  Also this workshop improves the rider’s correctness in the saddle which is important to increase the horse’s ability to move their legs further under their body and increase implusion.

9) Lunging the Rider: This workshop allows the rider to focus on posture, balance and rhythm.  Riders develop skills of independent hands, supportive legs and solid seat.

10) Lunging: Lunging is a necessary skill for every horse lover.  Doing it correctly is an art form.  This workshop explains how and why to lunge and what equipment is needed.  It also teaches the rider how to focus the horse’s mind through transition work. 

11) Obstacle Trail Riding: A superb workshop where all riding skills are necessary.  Riders work on leadership skills, confidence and trust building and apply practical usage of balance, rhythm and posture while maneuvering through a variety of obstacles.

12) What To Do Until The Vet Comes: This workshop is designed to take the helpless feeling out of an emergency situation.  Learn how to properly take a horse’s temperature, pulse and respiration.   Learn to hear heart rate, capillary refill, dehydration and gut sounds.  Assess your horse’s situation so you can better communicate with the veterinarian’s office.